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Pussy Power E.V. 9/16

25 x 19.25 inches


Monotype, Watercolor, & Shellac



Edition Varie 9/16


This print is a one of a kind. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 



This piece is part of my Pussy Power Imaginary series, which seeks to reimagine the pussy as a symbolic source of empowerment, a celebration of autonomy over our bodies, and a vehicle to promote self-love. Recognizing that not all women have pussies, and that every single one can define ourselves beyond the genitalia we are born with, I am attempting to show the pussy as a metaphor for sex positivity, desire, health, choice and freedom. All women - cisgender and trans women - have the right to be free from sexual violence, rape, harassment, and shaming. Through this series, I was also trying to call attention to the phallocentric world we live in, where the penis is an overused popular symbol of power and domination. For me, my pussy is a symbol of a different kind of power and a pathway to my freedom and self realization. 

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