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Abundance & Scarcity - EV 9/10

12.5 x 11.5 inches


Monotype Collage printed Chine Colle on Archival Somerset Velvet Paper 



Edition Varie 9/10


This print is a one of a kind. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 



This print is part of my most recent body of work, in which I illustrate my personal growth and transformation. As I reflected on my father's passing, I was able to imagine the artist I want to reinvent myself to be. I get such tremendous joy from new experiments. I love to create works that disrupt my usual stylistic approaches. I love to experiment with new compositions, shapes, textures.... and I love to fail. I love failure because it keeps me moving, looking for just the right combination of creative decisions. I also enjoy the long long weeks that every piece takes. For this series of works, I began with printing sheets of paper, then they are cut down, and their shards become new works. I'm often very occupied with social movement work, so I use remix and reuse images from current projects, and tweak them up, cut them up, destroy them, modify them. Then something new is born. This series of limited edition monotype collage prints is called, "Abundance and Scarcity," and it is about a question I ask myself daily. Do I view my life as having abundance, or scarcity, and what happens when I change my frame of mind? 

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