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50 Lovers - E.V. 29/50 - Framed


15" x 11" 


Monotype Collage Printed Chine Collé on Rives BFK & Somerset Velvet


Signed and numbered by the Artist


Edition Varie 29/50



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



This piece is a one of a kind monoprint collage and is shipped with a frame that is ready to hang. This print is one piece within a body of work that consists of 50 individualized collages created from shapes cut from my monotype designs, each arranged into a unique composition.


The process begins with the printing of the full monotype sheets in a range of colors. The sheets are then cut down into collections of of stylized shapes, and these shapes are repeated throughout the entire series. Each composition is arranged, pinned together, assembled with archival glue, and finally, printed via chine collé on to a blank white sheet with a copper plate, giving the final piece the appearance of a painting. This body of work was inspired by my visit to the Henri Matisse show at the Museum of Modern Art this past February. I was tremendously moved by his cutouts and the vocabulary of each of his signature shapes, and I began my own cutout series, first small, then larger, and larger.

Each piece in the series is dedicated to a memorable lover, which is open to interpretation on whether they were great lovers or horrible ones. As I have explored my own sexuality, I have also explored the ways in which I want to be loved. I have experimented with multiple personality types, assessed the results,  and tried to follow the paths to which they lead me. Even when the experiences were painful, I have emerged with lessons about what to avoid in the future. Every individual was a unique ride, and here I interpret them through my lens of jaded love and abstraction.


NOTE: The second and third photos show most of the full collection of monotypes.

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