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My Vagina. My Orgasm. My Imagination

22 x 30 in.


Printed on Archival Rives at Smith Anderson Editions (Palo Alto)




Monoprint 1/1


This print is a one of a kind. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 



This piece celebrates the relationship between my sexual liberation and my artistic practice. As my sexual exploration allows me to explore the true depths of my complex self, I am able to carry this freedom over to my creative work. As Naomi Wolf eloquently explains: 

Female sexual pleasure, rightly understood, is not just about sexuality, or just about pleasure. It serves, also, as a medium of female self-knowledge and hopefulness; female creativity and courage; female focus and initiative; female bliss and transcendence; and as medium of a sensibility that feels very much like freedom. To understand the vagina properly is to realize that it is not only coextensive with the female brain, but is also, essentially, part of the female soul.

If you look closely in the piece, you will notice that my person has both a penis and Pussy. They break boundaries, they are male and female and all in between, weak and strong, complex, unpredictable, unapologetic…

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