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Migration Is Natural Stickers - SOLD OUT

4" x 4" Vinyl Sticker

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The monarch butterfly has come to represent the beauty of migration. Adopted by various migrant rights organizations, artists, and lovers of justice, the butterfly symbolizes the right that living beings have to freely move.
Like the monarch butterfly, human beings cross borders in search of safer habitats. Like the monarch buttefly, human beings cross borders in order to survive.
This sticker is my artistic adaptation of the butterfly. Each wing shows a human profile. During the summer of 2012, I developed this image as 6-foot tall street art pieces, which were eventually put up in various places. (see photo)
The phrase, "Migration is Natural," alludes to the natural act that occurs when butterflies swarm across the US-Mexico and the US-Canada border. The Buttefly Crossing phrase is borrowed from real signage along the border area. (see photo)


You can purchase these stickers in sets of 5, 10, or 50


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