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Thanks for checking us out! Here you can find fine art, limited edition prints, political posters, chic prints, esoteric prints, heartbreak prints, melancholic prints, calendars, books, t-shirts, and sexy dresses by Favianna Rodriguez, an artist engaged in social change. 

You can learn more about Favianna's work by visiting her website

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About the Owner

Hello. My name is Favianna Rodriguez and I am U.S.-born, Latina artist. I make art about a variety of issues pertaining to the individual, to the community, and to the country. My art practice serves as a tool for love, education, agitation, and social justice.

My work is a powerful blend of digital art, traditional printmaking mediums, and an intimate view of the things that are important to all of humanity - love, interdependence, and kindness. While my home and studio are based in the Bay Area, I spend a lot of time traveling and connecting with change makers around the world.

You can learn more about me by visiting my blog, The Culture Worker.

Thank you for supporting my work.