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RAW. International Women's Day

18 x 24 in.



Signed by the Artist


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I developed this piece for International Women's Day.


In this self-portrait, the woman in the left is "blind-me" and the woman on the right is the "raw-me." In the piece, the blind-me is wearing a white shirt and the raw-me is wearing a black shirt, symbolizing the pressure we have as women of color to emulate white female standards of beauty. The blind-me is wearing earrings and lipstick. And the raw-me is wearing nothing.


Both ladies have a tattoo on their arm. The broken heart on the left epitomizes the hardship and self-loathing that comes with our [women's] failed attempts to be someone we are not, to be thinner, whiter, prettier, taller. The whole heart represents the wholeness and "raw" emotion we carry within ourselves, just as we are.



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