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Running Up That Hill


25" x 19" Paper Size

23.375" x 17.625" Image Size



Signed by the Artist/Numbered

Limited Edition of 46


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This piece celebrates indigenous people and their fight against multinational water corporations. Around the continent, Native peoples are fighting for all our human right to water. When I created this piece in 2009, it was in response to indigenous resistance in Mexico and other countries in South America. Following the implementation of NAFTA and "Free Trade", land and water that had once been held communally by native people or seen as being property of the public became available for private ownership. In 2016, this piece also serves as a homage to the Water Protectors in Standing Rock. The ongoing battle to protect water, and to keep it clean and accessible, is one a long and historical one that has been led by Native people. The small circles in the background of the piece reflect the increasing privatization of water and how it’s becoming scarce.


The title of the piece, Running Up That Hill, is from a song by 80's singer, Kate Bush and was hand printed on Mr. French Paper.

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