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Llega Todo A Su Tiempo


26 x 20 in. Paper Size

22 x 16 in. Image Size





Signed by the Artist/Numbered

Limited Edition of 84

Hand printed by Master Printer, Jose Alpuche, at Self Help Graphics, Los Angeles, CA on Cotton Rag Archival Paper


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I created this print when I was experiencing some dramatic, internal transformations. I had just turned 30 and was understanding the powerful nature of TIME. I learned that everything happens in its due time - the things you neglect, the things you ignore that you shouldn't - time makes them all the more evident.


My favorite Columbian rock group, Aterciopelados, have a great song that I will quote here (original song is in Spanish):


It's time to carry out the plan

It's time to have one intention

Everything happens in its due time

Everything comes a its exact and correct moment

Even the galaxy feels it

Everything comes a its exact and correct moment


So I named this piece, "Llega Todo a Su Tiempo," after this song.


This print was handprinted at the Los Angeles-based, Self Help Graphics, on cotton rag archival paper. All prints are embossed and numbered in a limited edition.


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