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Pussy Power Postcard Set


Set of 10 or 20 Postcards

Set of 20 comes with a small Pussy Power sticker.

Postcards measure 4 x 6 inches.

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My Pussy Power art series seeks to redefine the pussy as a source of empowerment, a celebration of autonomy over our bodies, and a vehicle to promote self-love while deepening the relationship between women and their own bodies. Recognizing that not all women have pussies, and that every single one can define ourselves beyond the genitalia we are born with, I am attempting to create a space for people to explore the ways in which sex and sexuality is kept in the darkness, while rape culture is normalized and our right to abortion and birth control is eroded.

In the midst of a war against women, my Pussy Power artworks propose a flipping of the script toward positive and authentic depictions of sexual desire, health, choice and freedom. I don’t want to just talk about what we are against, I want to talk about what we are for, and that includes freedom over our bodies in every aspect. All women - cisgender and trans women - have the right to experience our bodies, and to be free of sexual violence, rape, harassment, isolation and shame.

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