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The New Economy

Approx 16" x 12"

Offset Print




Signed by the Artist



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This poster was a collaboration with YES! Magazine and the New Economy Coalition. In the Summer of 2015, the two organizations set out to solve a question: Why didn’t they have better images to tell the story of the new economy?

Both groups told stories about the new economy all the time. But they found that key movement concepts like localism, shared wealth, and cooperation were hard to visualize. They found themselves falling back on images of windmills, farmers markets, and community gardens.

Beautiful as those images can be, none of them captured the incredible diversity of people and activities gathered under the umbrella of the new economy: Californians collaborating to take back their energy grids from corporate monopolies, employees becoming owners of the companies they work for, racial justice organizers building power to make #BlackLivesMatter in city budgets, and so much more.

YES! Magazine and the New Economy Coalition felt that the new economy deserved better art. It needed the color, characters, and style that have enriched grassroots struggles from Occupy to the immigrant-rights movement. They needed and artist to bring the new economy to life on paper and in pixels, and they found two artists. I was one of them, and this is what I created. 

The two groups asked their members and readers, and anyone else who was interested to describe in words what the new economy movement looked like to them. More than 80 ideas arrived, written by everyone from self-described “birth activists” to biofuels entrepreneurs.

I poured through the answers, and worked out my concept using images inspired by indigenous Latin American and African art. The tools, money, and musical instruments carried by the main character represent the new economy idea of opportunity for all.

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