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International Women's Day Poster Set

This set includes 3 full color offset posters, each measuring 24 x 18 inches.


Women. Unions. Rights. Power.



In honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day in 2011, I designed a poster to inspire those working to organize women workers around the world. This piece was commissioned by Public Services International (PSI), a union based in Geneva, Switzerland, that represents 650 public sector trade unions and their 20 million public sector workers – the majority of whom are women.


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Make Out Not War



This poster was originally commissioned by Code Pink and launched at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The poster intended to interject a humorous and eye-catching peace platform into the convention where Obama was selected as the Democratic candidate. I intended for the piece to be a statement about love. The peace signs in the woman's sunglasses represent the need for us to work together to build a better future.


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The Worldwide Movement To End Racism


Racism and white supremacy are prevailing forces in our society and continue to cause inequality, suffering, and instituionalized violence in communities of color. I developed this poster for the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, March 21st. The characters in the piece are singing and working collectively to combat racism.


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