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Handprinted 2-Color Linoleum Block


Signed by the Artist/Numbered

There are 2 editions of this print

Edition 1 - Red Neck & Face

2 available, Measures: 29 x 27 in.

Edition 2 - Red Face & Black Neck

2 available, Measures: 32.5 x 27.25 in.


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I created this print as a reminder to myself to do less and to simplify. I have a very fast paced career and there is rarely a week when I’m not traveling. While it is important for me to be productive, it’s equally important for me to get rest so that I can be healthy, and thus more creative. The phrase “kill my to do list” is a joke to myself, because I meticulously keep lists of all my tasks - lists that are quite unrealistic. In order to do things well, I have to focus on them for a few hours, and just get into the creative mood. This linoleum block was hand-printed by an artist I greatly admire, Master Printer, Emmanuel Montoya. 


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