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Migration is Beautiful - 4 x 4 Vinyl Stickers

3.5" x 3.5" Vinyl Sticker

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The monarch butterfly has come to represent the beauty of migration. Adopted by various migrant rights organizations, artists, and lovers of justice, the butterfly symbolizes the right that living beings have to freely move.
Like the monarch butterfly, human beings cross borders in search of safer habitats. Like the monarch butterfly, human beings cross borders in order to survive.
This sticker is my artistic adaptation of the butterfly. Each wing shows a human profile. The phrase, "Migration is Beautiful," celebrates the resiliency, courage, and determination of migrants who come in search of their dreams.


An article explained, "Every year, during their mating season, millions of monarch butterflies make the journey from Canada and the U.S. to a small town in Mexico called Angangueo where they coat branches and leaves like gobs of black and orange paint. Migration is built into the monarch's DNA. For that very reason, the creature has played a central role in the rebranding of the undocumented movement. The choice in symbol is simple: Migration is natural, borders are not."


You can purchase these stickers as set of 5, 10 or 50


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