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The Energetic Love Balance

16.75 x 22.5 in. Image Size

15 x 24 in. Paper Size

Fine Art Digital Print

Printed on Archival Paper


Signed by the Artist

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This image celebrates the bonds of love, connection, communication, and intensity that happen to us when we fall in love. The figures in the piece are speaking to each other via their hearts. Exploding behind them are energetic love forces.

Like in any loving relationship, it is essential to maintain a sense of reciprocity, to give and receive - hence the name - The Energetic Love Balance.

I developed this piece during one of the most intense artistic production moments in my life. I was in Los Angeles, working day and night to produce 14 art pieces in one week's time. It was a demanding time on my body and soul. But the long hours alone helped me narrow into the essence of my practice. I was dating someone at the time who gave me butterflies. I developed this piece to celebrate the feelings I had at that precise moment.


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