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The Practice of Loving Yourself

22" x 22" Paper Size
21" x 21" Image Size
Fine Art Digital Print
Signed by the Artist


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I developed this piece during one of the most intense artistic production moments in my life. I was in Los Angeles, working day and night to produce 14 art pieces in one week's time. It was a demanding time on my body and soul. But the long hours alone helped me narrow into the essence of my practice.


My artistic expression has always been a way to celebrate myself, and to resist all the messages I receive from mainstream society that tell me to hate myself. This piece is a testament to that. It is through my characters, through my use of color, and through my exploration of materials that I have learned to love myself.


The figure in this piece is a celebration of my indigenous and African roots. She is meditating, holding herself and speaking out. Her body is angled because she is in movement. She sits in a garden of flowers as she release the self-criticism and instead embraces and forgives herself.


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